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About Link Analyzer

Link Analyzer Tool allows you to keep track of all the links of your website. Using this tool, you can analyze both external and internal links related to your site. Just enter the URL!

About Backlink Analysis Tool by AidTheStudent?

The link checker tool by AidTheStudent is one of the best tools available in the market for performing a Backlink Analysis. You can submit the URL of your site and the tool will analyze the links to your website within seconds. 

Link building is a crucial part of off-page optimisation and almost, every site on the internet are investing a lot of time and efforts in building as many quality links as they can. If your site has more quality inbound links, then the search engine bot considers your site is trustworthy and ranks it higher in the search engine result pages, which also leads to an increase in your site's domain authority.

The quantity of links isn't as effective as the quality of links. If you have a high quantity of links from sites that are not related to your niche or are spammy sites, your site's rankings will not even budge. So, if you are building links, you need AidTHeStudent's link checker tool to check the quality of internal and external links that concern your site.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are an essential part of Off-page Search Engine Optimisation. It is through backlinks that a newly launched website can gain online visibility. Backlinks also help a site position itself higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

If you have quality sites linking to your domain, then the domain authority of your site increases, the bot starts trusting your domain and ranks it higher. And if a site is ranked higher in the SERPs, then that results in an increasing amount of traffic, pages views, conversions, and ultimately, profit.

How to use Website Link Checker Tool?

Want to use AidTheStudent's link scanner to its full potential? You just have to do this: provide the Link Analyzer tool with the URL of which you want to track the links. It does not matter if they are external links or internal links, our tool scans every link related to the URL provided by you. You may as well call this tool a website internal and external links checker

The report produced by our Link finder tool is very detailed. It lists out every inbound and outbound link that have hyperlinked the URL provided by you. If you want data related to just the internal links or the external links, you can do that too if necessary. Our link finder tool provides you with the option of doing that, there's a checkbox next to the options external links, internal links, and both types. If you want data related to just the external links to put a tick mark in the checkbox against. Similar is the case for internal links as well. Although, if you want the link scanner to produce reports concerning both forms of links, then you just have to select both types.

How does Website Link Checker Tool work?

The Website Link Checker tool has an advanced algorithm that is capable enough to scan and process link data within seconds. So, whenever you enter the URL you want link data of, produce reports instantly. And that's how the Link Checker tool works. 

No confusion, no complexities, just enter the URL in the text box, press enter, and start analyzing the results.

How will our Link Analyzer Tool help you?

Our Link Analyzer tool is a link extractor, it extracts links that are related to the URL submitted by you. This link analysis tool can help webmasters, website owners, and SEO professionals in analysing every internal and external link of their site.

AidTheStudent's Link Finder Tool presents you with information related to the total number of links available on your submitted domain or sub-domain, the total number of external and internal links, along with the nature of the links. Whether they are no-follow or do-follow. The tool also scans each and every anchor text that your URL is hyperlinked to and includes this information in the Link Search Report.

You will have to carefully monitor the Link Search Report in order to determine which one of the links are leading to 404 errors and are dead or broken links.

Benefits of using Link Scanner Tool?

Your site can benefit a lot from with our Link Scanner Tool. First of all, it does not cost you even a single penny. And secondly, the results are produced instantly and it can be used as many times as you deem necessary.

After providing the URL and clicking on Analyze Links, our tool will begin the crawl and you will be presented with the reports in a matter of seconds. The information provided by our tool is reliable and accurate. Plus, it crawls deep into the provided URL, works as a link extractor, and gets every external and internal link.

Through the Link Checker Tool, you can identify the links that are spammy. Apart from that, you will also know about the dead links returning 404 errors and get more link data such as which of the links are do-follow and which one of them are no-follow. And if you are worried about SEO, then you will find the Anchor Text of the links in the reports as well.

Depending on the report, you can start working on your link building strategy. You can remove the dead links and improve the anchor texts so that the bot is lead in the right direction and even the depths of the website has been efficiently crawled.

You will have to analyze every aspect of the report and start working on the site accordingly, so your link building strategy can perform impressively and your website starts getting positioned higher in the search engine result pages.